Summer Sanders new NFL ad. 

New NFL Women’s apparel line featuring Summer Sanders & Susie Castillo.  

On Saturday August 11th, 2012, New York City will host its first ever Ironman Triathlon. Consisting of a 2.4 mile swim in the Hudson River, a 112 mile bike ride along the Palisades Parkway, and a 26.2 mile run ending in the UWS on 81st St, the toughest race in sport will be amplified by one of the world’s greatest backdrops.

In this short feature, SB Nation follows Brooklyn native Mike Polsky as he trains for his first Ironman, to get a glimpse of the persistence and dedication required to train for a race of this magnitude.

Support the 2012 NYC Ironman this Saturday, August 11th -

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Olympic Gold Medalist, Summer Sanders, joined Justin Termine to talk about Michael Phelps’ performance in the 400m

Do you or someone you know suffer from road rage?  Does your worst side come out when you hit the road? Are friends and family afraid to drive with you? Do you have an extreme phobia of roundabouts and 4-way stop signs? 

If this describes you, or someone you know, we want them NOW!   Car and Driver Magazine is seeking HORRIBLE DRIVERS with BIG PERSONALITIES  for a web series.  Series will be shot in the New York Tri-State Area in August / September.   We are seeking them out, coaching them with a professional driving instructor, giving them a final exam and giving them a chance to regain their driving cred.  

Interested?  Or would like to nominate someone?  Please email  with “Bad Driver” in the subject line with the following info:

Your name:

Name of Bad Driver you are nominating:


Contact Number:


Please include photo of yourself and the person you are nominating. 

Why are you (or person you’re recommending) the Worst Driver Ever?


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